Singing Lessons

For the aspiring Singer and the pure fun and love of Singing!!


Private Singing Lessons  
Tailored to suit the individual needs of each unique student.
All ages.

Please go to the home page to book your singing lessons or submit a booking request email or text message or call Deborah on 0400 928 398 for further information and pricing.

Private Singing Lessons

In a Private Singing lesson I incorporate all aspects of vocal technique and performance, including helping to improve vocal range, tone, agility and flexibility and developing diaphragmatic breath control, as well as improving vocal performance and developing persona, whilst building confidence & self expression, helping to shape and mould the true artist from within. With my step by step teaching technique, my goal as a vocal coach is to bring out the very best in your voice, whilst allowing your true colours as a singer & performer to shine through!

For those maybe not pursuing a career with singing you may like to learn how to sing for fun learn the craft of singing and song study.

Group Singing Lessons

Group Singing Lessons offer all aspects of a Private Singing Lesson with the addition of having 3-5 other students to interact with creating a fun and interesting platform to allow individuals to positively interact, learn express and encourage one another boosting confidence and self esteem whilst focusing on vocal technique and performance skill.

Minimum of 4 – 6 students per group lesson.                                       
Participants will be placed in groups according to age level and experience.

In all lessons where needed we will focus on –

Annual Student showcase Performances

This event is held twice throughout the year for all students who would like to take the opportunity to perform live at a public venue. Including all ages all styles and genres of music. This event is held away from The Art of Voice studio at appropriate venues located around the Gold Coast.  It is optional for students to attend showcase performances students are under no obligation to take part or attend this event.
Showcases are fully supervised at all times. A professional sound engineer is present for the duration of the show.  Parent supervision is mandatory for students 16 years and under to enable and permit the student to attend. If you feel ready to take the next step and explore beyond your comfort zone then lets work towards getting you up on stage!! Show off all the hard work with vocal training and performance skill preparation you have achieved with your vocal coach Deborah and take the leap of faith! It is a fantastic learning curve!                          Have fun and enjoy the experience and musical journey! 

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