Online Singing Lessons!

ONLINE Singing Lessons!                                                        

Pro Vocal Technique Coaching and Mentoring          Online Singing Lessons with Global Vocal Coach Deborah Wilson!                            

If you can’t make it to The Art Of Voice Studio here on the Gold Coast in person then you can learn to sing in the comfort of your own home!                                      Online Singing Lessons are a fabulous opportunity to reach your goals as a Singer and Performing Artist.

Within your first lesson Deborah will establish a thorough understanding of your vocal instruments strengths and weaknesses, a precise plan for improvement and a clear vision for your future success!                                        With Pro focused Vocal technique coaching and mentoring Deborah will unleash vocal freedom and freedom of self expression bringing out the best in your voice discovering unleashing shaping and moulding the true artist and voice from within!                               To “Book and Pay” for your 45 minute ONLINE Private Singing Lesson please find the             “book and pay” portal on the Home page!                        You can also send a booking request and enquiry via the lesson enquiry form at the bottom of the home page! Deborah will reply and confirm immediately!                 

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Deborah has always taught ONLINE Singing Lessons to her students all around the world for the past 15 years from New York NYC  London UK  Japan Australasia and Europe as well as within her home country Australia – Melbourne Sydney Brisbane and Perth!    

Private ONLINE Singing Lessons with New York City International Vocal Coach Deborah Wilson Include Pro Focused Vocal Technique Coaching and Mentoring Unleashing Vocal freedom and freedom of expression bringing out the best in your Voice and discovering the true Artist and Voice from within! 

+ Learning Vocal Performance Technique and Skill

+ 40 Vocal Warm Up and Vocal Development Exercises Including Vocal Warm Down Exercises to Condition and Nurture your Voice  

+ Vocal Recording Preparation – Cover songs and Original Songs written by the student

+ Piano & Guitar Tutoring                                                  

+ Microphone technique

+ Acting Scripts for Film & TV to help with freedom of expression and emoting through the Voice Connecting to song lyrics and subtext and resonating with an audience

+ Songwriting Classes

+ Artist Development

+ Student Goal Setting

+ Learn Music Industry Business Insight                   

+ Music Industry Artist Assistance and Exposure 

+ Private Singing Lessons are tailored and structured to suit each student  uniquely to meet individual Vocal Development and Performance needs.

+ Student Song study – Through the journey of the Artist Development process discovering vocal freedom bringing out the best in your voice and the true artist from within! Working on song choice – Precise Vocal guidance and support Vocal Coaching and Mentoring with Vocal Coach Deborah Wilson – Including all Genres of Music Styles Broadway Musical Theatre, Pop Rock RnB Ballads Rap Blues Jazz & Indie Rock and students own original written and produced songs

 ** Please see the “Book and Pay” Portal on the homepage to book your first         ONLINE 45 minute Private Singing Lesson for $55. You can also send a booking request and enquiry please scroll down to the bottom of the home page!            Deborah will reply and confirm your booking once payment is received!   



Group Vocal Performance Class Workshops are currently on PAUSE until further notice due to COVID-19 Regulations and Restrictions.

Group Performance Class offers all aspects of a Private Vocal Lesson plus the opportunity to develop stronger vocal performance skills and technique. Through step by step vocal coaching, the student will gain a deeper insight and understanding of various performance skills, allowing students to build confidence and allowing freedom of expression in a comfortable and encouraging environment.

Whilst covering all styles & genres of music, we create a fun & interesting platform to allow individuals to positively interact, learn, express & encourage one another, boosting confidence & self esteem, whilst intensively focusing on vocal technique & performance skill.

This workshop is a fabulous & productive learning curve for anyone at any age who aspires to sing & perform!

Adult Classes – All ages. Individual students are appropriately placed in groups according to level & experience.

Adult Group Performance Class Workshops Include:

Group Vocal Warm Up Exercises.                                                                            Group Activity Acting Technique Exercises & Warm Ups – Self Expression, Character & Emotional Connection to Lyrics, Story & Song.                                                 Individual Vocal Performance.                                                                                     Finale Performance!  Family & friends welcome to come along to see you perform!

Kids/Teenagers Group Performance Class Workshops 6-18 years old

Workshops offer the exclusive opportunity to educate aspiring child and teen performers in every aspect of the exciting entertainment industry. With a wealth of professional experience myself with singing, music, acting & dance, I endeavour to cultivate the excitement evoked in children through television, print and the big screen by giving each child the opportunity to hone their ability as performers, creating a fun, stimulating & playful atmosphere to work in, with a commitment to providing children with an engaging, creative learning experience which enables them to develop their talent, self esteem, confidence and performance skills serving to benefit them personally and professionally within the entertainment industry. We know that participating in extracurricular activities play a vital role in the development of children and believe classes give children a platform to explore their dreams, creative talents and develop invaluable, transferrable skills to benefit them well into the future. Children are placed in groups – (6-8 yr ) (9-12 yrs) (13-16 yrs).

Kids Group Class Workshops Include:

Warm ups – Vocal, Acting & Dance exercises                                                         Activities – Vocal, Acting & Dance games                                                              Individual Vocal Performance                                                                                         Finale Performance! Parents & friends welcome to come along to see your little stars
shine bright!




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